Anais Nin | Delta of Venus

by - October 26, 2012

It's weekend, finally! Well, nearly weekend but week is on to it's closing. And finally, I get to be downright honest with a review of this book I just read. And I still, do not believe I've finished reading it.


About the book: So Anais Nin wrote this stuff at a dollar a page for an unknown collector who kept telling her to write less literary crap. She wanted more than just "clinical love making". This infuriated her, because she thought he was destroying everything interesting about sex. Which is basically the same debate people are having today about internet porn.

My thoughts on it: I would not recommend this for young readers. Like I said in my earlier post, I would like to quote my aunt, "some books will will stain your highly visual young mind". Plus ofcourse, the raging hormones teenagers go through at that phase.

Halfway with the book, all I read were exploits of both men, and women in their sexual freedom. I grew tired of reading it. Then I tried, shifting my attention to her type of story telling. It was very good, not that well-written but, Anias Nin had mastered the study, and description of the woman, and her desires. This is more interesting to read from a literature standpoint, given the very painfully obvious political incorrectness that comes with the time it was written. I found it really hard to read some parts, and in fact a lot of it is strange (e.g. incest, necrophilia) but I it was interesting because as Nin states in the intro, often she was trolling her erotica commissioner to see how far she could push her limits. 

I read in some reviews that Little Birds is tamer than Delta of Venus. I wish I started of with that one. Delta of Venus touched on the taboos of the writer's time. Taboos that are still talked of behind closed doors until now. 

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