Some Old, Some New, & In Betweens

by - January 11, 2014

The four-day first week of 2014 was kitchen duty busy with my mom's birthday. Too busy, I did not get any photo at all. The second week that just passed was more --- subdued. Happy new year, and a better us to everyone!

A case - finally. The "home", and a gift of pamper for the already battered travel buddy arrives more than a month later after it's purchase. Patience was best practiced with distractions.

Remembering (and not even near finishing) the sweet priced old, and second-hand copy of Sputnik Sweetheart bought from a then online contact, but now a close friend. Thank you, IronWulf! "I closed my eyes and tried to bring to mind as many beautiful lost things as I could. Drawing them closer, holding on to them. Knowing all the while that their lives are fleeting." 

Time pieces. Old watches gifted by Audreyisms half a decade years back given life again. Yey for new batteries, and for simplicity of these!

Goodbye, and thank you for your warmth. Here's to the last warm drink of OldTown White Coffee gifted by Wander Shugah over the holidays. A new, and not-so-white-after-all coffee tried. Strong like I want them coffee drink. 

Updated gears for an old routine. Will being doing the updated NTC routine again, with the lovely Sketchers Synergy I got from my sister Honeylou | The Sibling Series who wants me to get back in running shape again. Now I'm just waiting for the skies to clear.

Because it's cold, and grey outside for almost a week now. And I do not wish it an longer. Only because some parts of the world is experiencing the same crazy weather in different forms, and levels.

Hoping that everyone is safe, and healthy with this crazy weather.

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  1. same tayo ng purse lai only that mine is in blue :-D

    1. Ahahahaha.. I had a green one just like that but gave in sa travels.. Lucky purses ko yan sila.. ;-D I hope lucky din yung sayo!