In His Steps Journal: A Daily Prayer and Scripture Guide

by - January 23, 2015

In His Steps is the daily prayer and scripture guide of the Couples for Christ and circulated through Ablazed Communications among Catholic communities. This is the first time I got this prayer and scripture guide. Two years before I was also gifted scripture guides but from different religious groups, and the years before that we have these scripture guide sheet we got from our parish.

What I like about In His Steps other than the scripture guide is the daily prayer guide. Found in its pages are the personal insights and experience of members of CFC and its different ministries. And since the daily Gospel is not printed, so I am able to open the Bible to read through the Scriptures, and follow through my personal meditation with the guide question at the end of the page. 

It is a handy tool for reflecting on the daily Scripture. Through daily devotional, and personal meditation of His word, we can reflect and pray as one Christian community, growing together in deeper understanding and realization of the Word of God.

We only need a few minutes to an hour, or however long, or short you want to step in silence, prayers, and meditation of His words. I encourage you to make time.

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