Mitch Albom | For One More Day

by - February 13, 2015

by Mitch Album

As a child, Charley "Chick" Benetto was told by his father, "You can be a mama's boy or a daddy's boy, but you can't be both." So he chooses his father, only to see the man disappear when Charley is on the verge of adolescence. 

Decades later, Charley is a broken man. His life has been crumbled by alcohol and regret. He loses his job. He leaves his family. He hits bottom after discovering his only daughter has shut him out of her wedding. And he decides to take his own life.
He makes a midnight ride to his small hometown, with plans to do himself in. But upon failing even to do that, he staggers back to his old house, only to make an astonishing discovery. His mother, who died eight years earlier, is still living there, and welcomes him home as if nothing ever happened..

What follows is the one "ordinary" day so many of us yearn for, a chance to make good with a lost parent, to explain the family secrets, and to seek forgiveness. Somewhere between this life and the next, Charley learns the astonishing things he never knew about his mother and her sacrifices. And he tries, with her tender guidance, to put the crumbled pieces of his life back together.

This is a story about a family and, as there is a ghost involved, you might call it as a ghost story. But every family is a ghost story. The dead sit at our tables long after they are gone

Mitch Albom and his books are thought provoking as always for me. It explores the question: What would you do if you could spend one more day with a lost loved one?  There are some individuals to whom we postpone our visits; taking them for granted only to realize that one fine day they are no longer there, and everything about their lives, and our lives with them flashes back, or like a feeling of the familiar is hanging around even when they're gone. This is the second time I read this book, and this time I did not tear up much as I did the first time I read it. But it is a moving book that inspires you to share your life, and appreciate your loved ones more. The story unfolds Charley Benetto (Chick) whose life is in chaos. Being unwanted at his own daughter’ wedding was the last straw of having lost everything. And when is ready to give up his life, he takes a midnight ride to his hometown, he encounters his dead mother much to his amazement --- everything seemed as normal as ever. The way Mitch Albom writes, and how he tells the story definitely makes this a keep for the bookshelves!

Original title: For One More Day
ISBN 1401303277 (ISBN13: 9781401303273)
Book Pages: 197

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